AP Plasma - Revolutionary Footwear Manufacturing with AP Plasma Air Aurora Technology



AP Plasma Co., Ltd. is your most reliable partner in the manufacturing process. Advanced ESG Manufacturing Technology, Acclaimed by All

-Honored with the Energy Globe Award (Oscar of Environmental Protection)

-Introduced to the shoe production line, generating a significant increase in customer sales and ongoing orders

-Served more than 30 international brands, with testing completed on over 200 shoe sole models

-Exclusive technology patent, received recognition through media coverage and various awards.

The Pilot of OEM- AP Plasma Co., Ltd.  

AP Plasma Co., Ltd., founded by Dr.Chia-Chiang Chang from Industrial Technology Research Institute(ITRI), has its innovative core in “Air Aurora Shoe Making Technology”. This globally unique, high-concentration, low-temperature air aurora technology offers greater strength, stability, and uniformity than traditional plasma, making it successfully applicable for shoe manufacturing on a mass scale. To accommodate the surface treatment of shoe soles made of soft and variable materials, AP Plasma Co., Ltd. combines A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) with automated robotic arms to quickly address varying needs at the front end of the production line.

The global footwear industry is all adopting atmospheric plasma.

Sustainable production

Reduce Buffing dust
Reduce cementing water waste
Reduce chemical primer

High quality

Efficiency is 2-3 times higher than traditional treatment
The bonding strength is 1.5 times stronger than traditional treatment.
Applicable for complex outsole shape.

Industry 4.0

Save human resources
Stable quality
Energy conservation


ATM1 Air Aurora Jet

The surface modification treatment of conductive materials for LED chips and substrates in the semiconductor and optoelectronic industries includes etching, surface modification, purification, coating, or sterilization processes for integrated circuits.

For specific materials requiring continuous treatment, specific composite materials, and related products and components, the use of plasma modification is necessary to optimize surface processing performance.

Artificial intelligence and 3D scanning vision systems assist independent workstations in fully automated continuous operations, replacing adhesives with air to achieve environmentally friendly shoe manufacturing.


Atmospheric plasma technology has a wide range of applications and can be applied to the surface treatment of various materials. It primarily utilizes air as the raw material, which is then sprayed onto the material after dissociation to improve the surface properties of the material. The products of Atmospheric Plasma Corporation have a broad scope of applications, including coating, bonding, cleaning, and sterilization. Its influence is evident in a variety of applications, ranging from wheel printing, component bonding, furniture and tableware coating, semiconductor wafer cleaning, to biomedical water preservation and sterilization.

Air Aurora is a patented innovative technology by the Atmospheric Plasma Company, based on and optimized from atmospheric plasma. For ease of understanding, we refer to it as “Atmospheric Plasma”. In terms of performance, however, Air Aurora has an additional magnetic field, making it much stronger, stable, and effective than traditional plasma.

Undoubtedly, Air Aurora is an advanced environmental technology that has won the Global Energy Award (considered the “Oscar” of the environmental field).

In the footwear industry, Air Aurora eliminates the need for roughing and processing agent steps, significantly reducing dust, emissions, and wastewater. This technology only uses air, eliminating risks associated with special gas storage and pollution. Moreover, the Air Aurora process generates no emissions or wastewater, making it completely environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

Air Aurora can replace the steps of roughing and using processing agents, bringing several benefits.

Firstly, reducing process pollution in production to align with the ESG requirements of international brands. Secondly, enhancing product quality with a significant increase in shoe sole adhesion strength and highly efficient and precise manufacturing with mechanical arms. Additionally, for all manufacturers, it’s crucial to effectively increase per capita output value, saving labor and reducing occupational injury risks associated with rough manufacturing steps.

Air Aurora offers excellent bonding effects.

After Aurora treatment, the material surface is rich in functional groups, generating a strong hydrophilicity that allows the two materials to deeply integrate during bonding, achieving a tightly interwoven effect. Pull tests confirm that shoe soles bonded with Air Aurora have outstanding strength. Upon strong pulling, material rupture occurs, indicating complete fusion of the two materials.