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About AP Plasma  

Company Introduction

Atmospheric Plasma Corporation was founded in 2017 by Dr. Zhang Jiaqiang, with a focus on ‘air shoe-making’ as its innovative core.
The company is dedicated to providing comprehensive automation equipment for the global footwear industry. In 2018, the ‘Atmospheric Aurora’ technology was successfully introduced.
AP Plasma Co., Ltd. was founded by Dr. Chia-Chiang Chang in 2017 with “Air Aurora Shoe Making” as its core innovation, focusing on providing comprehensive automation equipment for the global shoe manufacturing industry. In 2018, it successfully introduced the “Air Aurora” technology, and by 2019, air aurora shoe-making equipment had officially gone into mass production. The company received recognition in 2020 by winning the Energy Globe Award and continues to achieve steady growth to this day.

The founder of AP Plasma

Dr. Chia-Chiang Chang is the founder and chairman of AP Plasma Co., Ltd. He served at Industrial Technology Research Institute’s Mechanical Department from 2001 to 2014, and established AP Plasma Co., Ltd. in 2017. Thanks to his outstanding contributions in the field of technology, Dr. Chia-Chiang Chang has received numerous honors, including Taiwan’s Top Ten Outstanding Youths in 2013, the Engineer Medal of Taiwan, the Common People’s Hero by Global Views Monthly, the Global Top 100 Technology Award R&D100, and the Technology Innovation Award from The Wall Street Journal.


  • R&D100, one of the Top 100 Global Technology Awards
  • The Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Award
  • Taiwan’s Top Ten Outstanding Youths
  • Engineer Medal of Taiwan
  • One of the Top 100 Common People’s Heroes by Global Views Monthly


  • Since 2017, Chairman of Atmospheric Plasma Co., Ltd.
  • Inventor and founder of the TCO Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Coating Equipment technology
  • 2001~2014, served at the Industrial Technology Research Institute’s Mechanical Department

Major Achievements

  • 2023 Awarded in the Taichung City Garage Startup Competition
  • 2022 Received sponsorship and recognition as the representative of the Livelihood Chemicals sector in Taichung City’s SBIR program
  • Achieved 3 years of mass production of Air Aurora equipment, serving over 20 global brands
  • Co-hosted corporate entities at the Central Taiwan Intelligent Robot Base
  • Strategic cooperation with PLASMALEAP company in Australia
  • Collaborated with the National Pingtung University of Science and Technology
  • Strategic cooperation with E-SQUARE, Japan’s largest linear motor equipment company

AP Plasma Partners  

AP Plasma is currently applied in various industries, including biomedical, semiconductor, optoelectronic, automotive, bicycles, and many other major industries, and has partnerships in various fields.

AP Plasma Achievements  

AP Plasma Co., Ltd. has served more than 30 global brands.

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