Providing the world-leading automation equipment for the shoe-manufacture industry is the commitment of AP PLASMA. Our research and development team has succeeded with the integration of the cutting-edge technologies of robotics, A.I, and 3D vision.

We believe in the cultural and fashionable value of the footwear products, therefore, we hope the implementation of our innovative technologies can contribute some positive value through the manufacturing process as well.

Today, AP PLASMA is the only company that succeeded with providing this kind of automation equipment for shoe manufacturing. We are looking forward to cooperating with people who share the same values and would like to create a better future with us!

In 2018, Our world-leading technology, Air Aurora, was successfully implemented into the footwear manufacturing procedure for replacing the buffing process, which is the point source of air pollution.

In 2019, Our automation equipment officially joined the production line. Meanwhile, our innovative technology was reported by National Geography for its contribution towards environmentally-friendly production.

In 2020, AP PLASMA won the “Energy Global Award”, today’s most renowned environmental prize worldwide. We also participated in the SIMAC Milano, Italy, the largest machine exhibition for footwear manufacturing, to demonstrate our advanced automation equipment to the world.