AP Plasma equipment series 

ATM1 Air Aurora Jet





Extendable function for external control

External air inlet equipment free

Reliable system with internal monitor and alarm for emergent accidents.

User-friendly UI


The air aurora surface treatment on materials can basically be applied in the following ways:

  • Enhancing the adhesion ability of the surface, improving the reliability and durability of surface bonding.
  • In the medical device industry, it’s used for treatment before the needle is adhered to the plastic catheter.
  • Activation: It significantly improves the wettability of the surface, creating an active surface.
  • Cleaning: It removes dust and oil stains, offers fine cleaning, and eliminates static electricity.
  • Coating: Through surface coating treatment, it provides a functional surface.
  • After being treated with atmospheric air aurora technology, the surface energy of various materials, such as different types of high polymer plastics, ceramics, glass, PVC, paper, or metal, can be enhanced. Through such a processing technology, the improvement of surface tension characteristics of product materials makes it more suitable for the coating and bonding requirements in industry.
  • In electronics, it is used for the coating process of LCD, surface spray printing of structural parts such as casings and button knobs, cleaning and dirt removal of PCB surfaces, and treatment before the lens adhesive is applied, and so on. In the automotive industry, it’s used for treatment before adhering headlight covers, brake pads, car door sealing strips; in the machinery industry, it is used for harmless cleaning treatment of metal parts, treatment before lens coating, and treatment before joining and sealing various industrial materials.
  • In the printing and packaging industry, it’s used for treatment before applying glue to the edge sealing position in the box pasting machine.

Introduction to the ATM3 3D Air Aurora Automation Equipment

Atmospheric Plasma Corporation’s equipment offers atmospheric pressure air plasma technology needed in the manufacturing process, significantly improving surface adhesion, bonding reliability, and durability. Through activation, cleaning, and coating processes, the surface of various materials is enhanced, suitable for industries such as electronics and automotive, ultimately increasing product lifespan and overall performance. Feel free to watch our informational video for more details.