AP Plasma is thrilled to announce our participation in two grand exhibitions this August and September! We are extremely excited to invite you to attend these events! In this exhibition, we will unveil the secrets of “Air Shoe Making”, showcasing our exclusive 3D Aurora machine! Come and join us as we explore the infinite possibilities of the future of shoe manufacturing together!

2024 Exihibition List

  • New Technology Presentation
    Date: 8/23(Fri)11:40 AM-12:00 PM
    Location: Hall 2, Ground Floor, Q1024
    Speaker: C.C.Chang (Chairman)

European Distributor Debut

Our European distributor, Design&Develop, will join us to showcase new software and equipment solutions! They will present their latest 3D modeling software—Botcha and Jevero. These tools will transform your footwear 3D design process, making it easier and more efficient!