The 【2024 International Footwear Green Day】, held on Friday, April 19, 2024 in Taichung Science Park, was jointly organized by AP PLASMA Corporation, Claudio Franco design&develop, GF Machining Solutions, and #McNeel Asia.

The summit aimed to address the two major issues in today’s footwear industry: 3D design of footwear (fashionability) and green manufacturing (sustainability), providing the most innovative solutions!

Distinguished Guest: Chairman Mark Lin

Chairman Mark Lin of Fulgent Sun International (Holding) Co., Ltd. The summit was honored to have 【Chairman Mark Lin and his esteemed spouse from Fulgent Sun International】. Chairman Lin’s dedication to green manufacturing and production line automation was admirable. On that day, he shared the values and actions he observed by using the 【3D Air Aurora Machine】 implemented in the Fulgent Sun International, setting a leading example!

Innovative Shoe Sole Bonding Solution

3D Air Aurora Machine In addition to demonstrating the principles of this miraculous bonding technology through animation, 【Chairman Jungo Chang】 also showcased the equipment to the guests on-site. Witnessing the mechanical arm handling the shoe soles, industry experts gained a clearer understanding of the equipment’s operation and developed more trust in its precision and efficiency!

Innovative Shoe Pattern Solution

Laser Engraving GF Machining Solutions broke tradition by applying laser etching to shoe pattern processing. Not only can it replace the original chemical process and reduce pollution, but it can also utilize the precision of lasers to carve out finer shoe patterns.

Innovative Footwear 3D Modeling Solutions

Innovative Footwear 3D Modeling Solutions Rhino, Jevero and Botcha “If a workman wishes to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tools.” In addition to Rhino’s original lecturer, Nobu, explaining the powerful and affordable modeling software Rhino 8 (latest version), Italian footwear design experts from Design&Develop have developed efficient Rhino plug-ins – Jevero&Botcha, making modeling easier with customization, grading, and synchronized adjustments between 2D and 3D.